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Product Wholesale HOCL for own label retailers and specialist end users

Centrego have been designing and manufacturing ECA systems since 2009 As a result of increased demand for large quantities for immediate usage our manufacturing unit has been set up to supply high quality solutions direct to retailers and end users.

The solution produced can be diluted with tap water if required from 500ppm down to 200ppm or 100ppm concentration and remain highly effective. The low nature of the residue of salt from the activation process makes it ideal for all types of surface cleaning, misting, and fogging.

Private label manufacturing

Centrego can assist clients with labelling content to ensure compliance with EU and UK Biocides Regulations and Trading Standards. Labelling content and advertising is becoming stricter with text and statements required to be factual and evidenced. The retailer can brand the products to their own brand but maintains responsibility for the labels. Centrego can apply labels to the containers.

Pallet Sizes

Centrego HOCL is sold by the pallet load (minimum order) in a variety of container sizes.

Option 1

300 x 1 litre bottles

Option 2

120 x 5 litre containers

Option 3

60 x 10 litre containers

Option 4

32 x 20 litre drums

Option 5

1000 litre IBC


Delivery is within 48hrs of order by courier. Centrego can either arrange delivery direct to the client’s site, or the client can collect from our production facilities.

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